Welcome to God’s Tabernacle International Ministries – United Kingdom.  Do you know it has been ordained from before the foundation of the world for you to visit with us.  Your arrival to this site is truly an appointment with God as He has chosen you for greatness.  May the new dimension of light that He is pouring forth in this hour be your portion as you browse through, in Jesus name!

  • God’s Tabernacle International Ministries (GTIM-UK), is an Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry that believes in total holiness and healing…
  • GTIM has been sent by God to the nations of the world to reach out to the lost and to impact fire into the bones of believers.
  • Restore broken homes and restore broken marriages.
  • Help youth that are on drugs and have lost their bearing in life.
  • Deliver those that are oppressed by the devil and generational curses.
  • Reach out to many, not just to the four walls of the church, but also to the world in general.
  • Raise up ministries and ministers of fire for the Kingdom.
  • Bring unity into the body of Christ by helping to destroy the spirit of disunity, religion, and denominationalism to the Glory of the Father.
  • Help ministers to re-kindle the fire of God they once had.



God’s Tabernacle International Ministries  +44 (1279) 438 827

Gift Aid Charity No: 1151863