Daughters of the King

Psalm 45:13-17

(A Sub-Ministry of God’s Tabernacle International Ministries)
WOMEN, ARISE & SHINE (Isaiah 61:1-4)

FlowerThe Daughters of the King Women’s Ministry is equipped to raise Women of Power who know God’s love and strive to live according to The Word of God in every area of their life, (personal, marital, familial, social and professional). Our greatest desire is to fulfil our God-given purpose in the Fivefold ministry. DoK is a sub-ministry of God’s Tabernacle International Ministries (GTIM) where the Pastor & Visionary is Pastor Amaka C. Ikeh and the General Overseers are The Apostle, Dr. Kingsley & Dr. Aleobe Eruemulor of Calvary Bread of Life Ministries International in the United States.

The Mission of DoK is to Restore, Empower, Train, Equip and Release Women into their Prophetic Destiny. This ministry is not limited to the members of GTIM, so we are encouraging all women, young and old, to be a part of The Daughters’ of the King. We are raising God an Army of Women who aspire Holiness & Righteousness, so come out and “CONNECT, ENGAGE & BE EMPOWERED.” Let’s sit together before the KING!

Our Objectives are:

  • To raise up women who are prayerful and knowledgeable in the Word of God.
  • To restore and raise women to the place of total wholeness and well-being.
  • To train, equip, empower and release women into their callings and God-given gifts and purposes in the Body of Christ as a whole.
  • To help women to actively and proactively utilise their gifts and operate in their callings and ministries.
  • To develop a relationship and support system (as role models) with the younger women in the Church based on mutual trust and respect.
  • To develop effective partnership and teamwork between the men and women of GTIM, which promotes healthy marital and single relationships.

DoK Gathering Schedule:
At present, the Daughters of the King meet on a Saturday of every two months. We come together with the sole purpose of uniting as one and expanding the Kingdom of God. Our day is filled with opportunities to ENCOUNTER THE PRESENCE OF GOD AND BE RELEASED INTO A NEW DIMENSION OF POSSIBILITIES.”

To become part of this great move of God, email us at info@gtim-uk.org.

                       God’s Tabernacle International Ministries  +44 (1279)438 827

Gift Aid Charity No:  1151863