Healing Testimony

This is my testimony concerning what happened in church on Thursday, 3rd December.  The topic of the message was, “I Belong To the Lord.”  After the message, Pastor Amaka was leading us in prayer and she told us to speak to every dry bones.  As I prayed the prayer point, I laid my hand on my left knee, which often caused me pain.  It was becoming difficult to get up after kneeling down.  After the prayer, I discovered that the pain had gone.  I now kneel down with ease on that knee.  To GOD Be All the Glory!   Minister Susan


Testimony From Rebecca

Catherine, I felt a profound presence when you visited with us and a certain peace when you left; we would so much like to keep in touch and learn more.  Take good care, you have an uncommon ability to reach out and touch people.

Your light filled my home and heart with hope, thank you.  Ian and I will do everything we can to celebrate the joy of life with your church on Sunday.  Thank you again.


Testimony from Susan

Pastor Amaka, I want to really really appreciate you and Papa (Apostle Kingsley Eruemulor). I was just doing some praise and worship and I felt a nudge to listen to Papa’s message from March 27 (Impartation Conference).  The message brought me to my knees.  I honour Papa and you as my spiritual leaders and destiny changers.  I appreciate God in the life of Papa.  That message today was new to me with new revelations.  I didn’t realize the gem it was until now.  Susan Ademakinwa

Rachael Kymiko

Dear Pastor Amaka, we just want to say we are very grateful to God for using you and the love and the Anointing that you have.  We are so blessed.  Last weeks conference was heavenly designed for me and my family.  You really prayed and cared for us.  The Man of God also really was a blessing.  My husbands bow leg straightened and the pain is gone.  I feel lifted beyond.  I just want to say thank you.  We as well renewed our vows.  The marriage service was a blessing to all.  I will try to call back.  Some nights I feel I am not complete if I don’t say thank you very much.  May God continue the work He has started in you.  We love you.  Rachael Kymiko